Friday, December 7, 2012

Superhero Stitch!

When Sarah and I decided to start this business together, one of our concerns was: how do we explain Elf Outfitters to our children? 

My husband had a wonderful answer. He sat down with our 6 year old and said, " We have a secret to tell you, but you have to promise to never tell any of your friends. You know how mommy sews and makes lots of aprons and bags for The Diaper Bag Wrangler? Well, she thought it would be fun to make costumes for Stitch and all the other Elves. Your Elf brings you surprises sometimes, so how awesome would it be if YOU left something for your Elf?!"

hook. line. sinker.

So now I don't have to hide everything and it's even funnier to her when she sees our Elf - Stitch  - wearing one of the Elf Outfitters costumes.  So this morning she was over the moon delighted to see that Stitch had gotten into the Superhero Capes.