Ready to Locate your elf? Click here for the ELF LOCATOR response form.

Disclaimer: Elf Outfitters is providing this service to our Elfin' friends as a courtesy. We recognize the frenzy that occurs the nights leading up to Elfing Season when your Elf is apparently MISSING. We are not collecting or sharing any submitted information for personal use. Submission and participation is at your own discretion. Please use your name, nickname, Elf's name, or any abbreviation of your name as you feel comfortable. The spreadsheet database with all responses is accessible through the above link and is set up as "view only" for all Elfers to access at any time. You do not need a Google account to access the spreadsheet. We are not responsible for your Elf playing tricks on you and moving to a new hiding spot. Our Goal: NO LOST ELVES IN 2014