Who is Elf Outfitters for? 

Elf Outfitters is for every parent who has a Family Elf. You know- those elves that come to your house sometime after Thanksgiving. Those elves whose sole purpose is to remind your son that "Santa's Watching" and he should stop running around the house naked, threaten your daughter that if she doesn't eat her broccoli Santa won't come, bewilder children with the magic of Santa Claus and spread holiday JOY! And in order to maintain the magic of your Family Elf, you have to remember to move it every night, all while coming up with fun hiding spots, and keeping your kids in awe of the tiny squatter visitor. Those 25-35 long days when you without fail wake up at 2am at least once a week with fear that "Buddy" has been left in the same spot.  You start to question - "is it all worth it?" or "what did I get myself into", or "surely there must be some elf adoption agency that I can send "Elfy" to next year."  But every morning when our kids squeal with excitement that "Frosty" is hanging from a chandelier or has scaled to the top of the Christmas tree you see the wonder and joy and wish that your children will always be that young and innocent.

Did you know that for every creative person, there are 1,000 people who are not*, or don't have the time, or wish they were. Websites like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and amazingly written mommy blogs have all upped the ante when it comes to showing off your creative flair. And when it comes to your elf...forget about simply sitting it up on the mantle. You feel the pressure to keep up with all the elves who make flour snow angels. So that's why we're here. We came up with a fun collection of Elf Kits that you can use to create fun and easy elf scenes. Our collections are made to look "Elf Made" and all the more believable to young elf enthusiasts. Elf Outfitters will help inspire you and bring your Family Elf to life**

* This statistic is what the Head Elf told us, but we caught him dipping into the egg nog and his numbers might be off.

** Your elf is not really alive - but your kids think it's real so let's just go with that.

How did this get started?  

Sarah: SO... I need your crafty help.
I need Elf clothes for our Elf...

Stop laughing at me! I have problems.. I know!
Can you whip up some elf clothes and mail to me?...
Just some vests, a shirt or two... Holiday like material.

STOP Laughing! I am SURe there are more people like me that would buy Elf gear.... just sayin'.

K.C.: you are insane but i can make some things for you...

(thanks to chat we have the entire conversation documented for all time)

We launched in 2012 with 5 Elf Kits, all containing themed accessories and an inspiration card to help you find your "inner elf". We added 10 new kits for 2013, and printables on Official Elf Letterhead to help bail you out of trouble when you do things like forget to move your elf.

Who's in charge at Elf Outfitters?

Elf Outfitters is a division of The Diaper Bag Wrangler, which is owned by K.C. She's a designer extraordinaire and sewing maven who has been nicknamed  the "Head Crafty Elf".  Sarah is owner of Suburban Social Media and is a social media diva and marketing guru who has been nicknamed the "Head Business Elf".  If you need to get in touch with us you can email us: info (at) elfoutfitters.com or fill out this contact form: