Sunday, December 2, 2012

So we launched the shop...

Who has one of those "prankster elves"? You know those elves who TP your Christmas Tree and draw mustaches on the glass of picture frames. Well - we apparently had a prankster elf on our Tech Team. But don't worry, we submitted a transfer request to the Head Elf, and the perpetrator has been reassigned to approving TPS reports.

We spent days going through design sketches and production implementation, knowing that each passing day was one less day of elfing. And assigning a firm deadline - 4pm on Saturday - to go live, we excitedly pressed "publish". With hearts pounding...nothing happened. No orders, and a boatload of errors.

So what happened? That nasty Tech Elf messed up our url masking and PayPal couldn't recognize our domain. And mobile devices with cookies not being enabled (mmmmmm....cookies) didn't help the cause. And somehow- the shopping cart notes, that had been fully functioning for well over a year- were mysteriously missing. But luckily our Crafty Elf's husband is an e-commerce expert and helped figure out the PayPal and mobile device errors. Everything has been fixed and we are so happy to have this all sorted out.

So with that, we want to say THANK YOU. Thank you for bearing with us, supporting us, being patient and understanding. We have huge dreams for Elf Outfitters and know that once we got those bumps (and that BAD, BAD elf) out of the way - things can be absolutely.....magical.

Swing by our shop and check out the ideas we have for you. And let us dress yo' elf.