Saturday, October 5, 2013

Superhero Cape and Mask Kits

We've added a new cape for this season!  You know which Superhero it is....the one that wears black and hides out in a cave. This Superhero Cape Kit comes with a black cape with personalized yellow letter, a sheet of black vinyl adhesive masks and a sheet of bat vinyl adhesive shapes.

We also have the Holiday Superhero Cape which is red, white and green and has been our #1 seller. The capes are by far one of the most fun Elf Outfitters kits, I mean- the Elves already fly right? Why not let them channel their superhero powers! Our capes are personalized with a letter of your choice, and come with a sheet of 5 vinyl adhesive masks (2 masks for larger/plush elves, 3 masks for small/ bendy elves).

You can CLICK HERE to order!